Author: Marc Rice

Temporary Closing of our Meeting Space

Temporary Closing of our Meeting Space

Dear Sangha members,
Due to the COVID 19 virus pandemic, and consistent with what many other sanghas have been deciding, Show Me Dharma has decided to suspend in person classes until April 15.
During that time, the teachers collective is working to provide an online way of continuing to offer our classes and meetings, using Zoom, an online meeting application.
The Monday morning class scheduled for March 16 is cancelled, but will resume next Monday. Our Zoom meetings will begin with the Monday evening March 16 Sutta Study, and will include the Tuesday Evening, Thursday Evening, and Sunday Morning meetings.
The teachers of these meetings will be in contact with those enrolled in the classes. For meetings without fixed enrollment, further instructions will be forthcoming.
The teachers collective and the Board will continue to serve the sangha to the best of our abilities. For each sangha member, we wish for peace, compassion, and continued mindfulness during this time.
With Metta,
Show Me Dharma
New Class: Introduction to Meditation

New Class: Introduction to Meditation



Why is this man smiling? Learn to meditate and find out. INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS MEDITATION A Four-Week Course at Show Me Dharma Date and Time: Wednesday November 7, November 14, and November 28th, and Monday November 19th 6:30 pm. – 8:00 pm. Location: Show Me Dharma, 1600 W. Broadway, Columbia, MO Cost: This class is offered on a Dana (voluntary donation) basis Mindfulness meditation, or vipassana, is a 2500 year-old Buddhist practice that can benefit every aspect of your life. Vipassana can help you relax, cope with work and family stress, deeply heal your emotional life and lead you to spiritual freedom. The class will be facilitated by Caya Tanski and will feature video talks by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, two internationally-known Theravadan vipassana teachers. Each class will consist of a talk, meditation practice, and group discussion. To register, please click here:  Register

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