Dakini Day Celebrations Jan 13, 1 pm


Date and Time: Saturday January 13 at 1:00 pm

Location: Show Me Dharma, 1600 West Broadway

Dakini Day is the Tibetan Buddhist monthly celebration of the feminine energy of wisdom embodied in the various female Buddhas such as Tara and Vajrayogini.

This month we will be celebrating Yeshe Tsogyal, the consort and primary interpreter, of Padmasambhava who brought Buddhism to Tibet. Yeshe Tsogyal is considered the Mother of Tibetan Buddhism as Padmasambhava is considered the father.

On Saturday January 13 we will participate in a liturgy or puja honoring Yeshe Tsogyal and then will share a ritual meal. Weather permitting we will have a ceremonial fire outside afterwards.

Please contact Carla Campbell at 449-4848 if you have any questions.

Loving Kindness The Art of Happiness Group Series

Loving Kindness The Art of Happiness Group Series

Starting January 16 FLYER

Open to all people wanting to be happier
Fee: Class offered on dana (voluntary donation) basis
Register: Send email to terrynobel@gmail.com
Dates: Jan. 16 – March 20, 2018 Day: Tuesdays Time: 5:30 – 7 pm
Location: Show Me Dharma, 1600 W. Broadway, Columbia, MO


We are all in the ‘human being club” together and at times find life challenging and stressful. Relationships, family issues, a sense of isolation, work, politics, financial strains, loss, all take a toll on our physical and mental health. Through it all, we just want to be happy.
When practicing loving kindness, also known as mete, we cultivate a friendly attitude toward ourselves and others. What is it like to see the good in myself and others? What would it feel like if our heart could smile? Loving kindness is likened to a soft rain that penetrates the heart, relaxing the defense mechanisms associated with fear and negative mental states. When we engage in an active loving kindness practice, we find ourselves attending to daily life with greater calm and happiness.
Required Book: Loving Kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzberg; supplemental handouts will be shared.

Facilitator: Terry Wilson, Founder
True Nature Center for Wellness


The committed practice groups are an opportunity to bring the practice of insight meditation into all aspects of daily life. It is for those with several months’ experience with the practice of meditation. Participants register and commit to regular attendance of the meetings. 
With the beginning of the semester, this a a good time for new students to join one of the groups.
Requirements: The committed practice groups require one of the following: either a) completion of the Introduction to Meditation Class and the Intermediate Meditation class; or b) three months of regular, preferably daily meditation practice, and a working knowledge of Buddhist concepts. It also implies your intention to practice daily, do the homework, and share your practice in class to the extent that you feel comfortable.
Cost: Committed Practice Groups are offered on a dana 
(voluntary donation) basis.
Monday Morning Group meets 8:00 am-9:30 am with Beth Shoyer and Joe McCormack, and resumes January 22. 
We are using the book Emptiness: A Practical Guide for Meditators by Guy Armstrong. 
For more information, please Contact Joe McCormack at metta41856@gmail.com or Beth Shoyer at beth.shoyer@gmail.com
Thursday Evening Group meets 7:00 pm-8:30 pm with Terry Furstenau and Armine Alioto, and resumes January 25. 
We will be using the book The Things You Can See Only If You Slow Down: How To Be Calm and Mindful in A Fast Paced World by Haemin Sunim.
For more information about the Thursday Evening Group: Please contact Armine Alioto at ArmineAnnAlioto@gmail.com