Board of Trustees

Executive Committee:
Marc Rice, President (board term: 2021-2023)
Tricia Straub, Vice President (board term: 2019-2021)
Caya Tanski, Secretary (board term: (2020-2022)
Valerie Bader, Treasurer (board term: 2020-2022)

Terry Furstenau (board term: 2020-2022)
James Carr (board term: 2019-2021)
James Oermann (board term: 2021-2023)
Karen Hodges (board term: 2021-2023)
Joe McCormack (board term: 2019-2021)
Heather Marriot (board term: 2020-2022)
Susan Schabilion (board term: 2019-2021)
Kate Walker (board term: 2021-2023)

Emeritus Board Members:
Helen Roehlke (board term: 2019-2021)

More About the Board

Tricia Straub

Think it was 2013 when I joined the board of Show Me Dharma.  Didn’t know what I had to offer other than a willingness to do what I could to be of service as SMD and the dharma had changed my life.  Now see my purpose on the board is to help keep Show Me Dharma a vibrant sustainable organization where other’s lives might be affected by hearing and studying the dharma thus benefiting family, friends and the community at large.

Caya Tanski

I have been honored to be a member of the ShowMe Dharma sangha since 2004. I began studying Buddhism and other spiritual traditions in high school and have felt a deep love for the dharma ever since. I have been fortunate to be on retreat with several wonderful teachers over the years, including our own Ginny Morgan as well as others in both the Teravadin, Tibetan and Zen traditions. My main teacher for the last 11 years has been Matthew Flickstein. I will be forever grateful for Matt’s direction and the clarity with which he taught non-duality. My life and practice have also been informed by my deep love of what I will call “ecological Buddhism” as is taught by John Milton, and also by Joanna Macy, who created “The Work that Reconnects.” I have had a natural health consulting practice (naturopathy, homeopathy, functional medicine, and energy medicine) here in Columbia for the last 14 years.

Susan Schabilion

My spiritual path began as an infant and was influenced by baptism, confirmation, and involvement in the Lutheran Church throughout my young adulthood. A college class in “The Religions of the World” led me to explore other religions, especially Quaker, and inquiry into purpose of life.

Around 2003, I began attending classes at Show Me Dharma (SMD), then held at our guiding teacher Ginny Morgan’s home. Around this same time introduction to the Sufi Ruhaniat spiritual family, Dances of Universal Peace, and esoteric studies of the major religions began. I continue on the “Bufi” Buddhist/Sufi path and find it supportive of compassion and wisdom.

Being of loving service has become my path. Engagement and entrainment with SMD sangha has allowed service on Fund Raising, Library, Saturday Open Sit, Nomination, and the Caring Committee Loaves and Fishes. Have served two-terms as a board member and attended committed practice classes for over a decade. Much benefit has been experienced from attending several SMD sponsored retreats.

James Carr

I’ve been “aware” of Buddhism for several decades of my life, but it was only recently that I read the Dhammapada and found that it resonated deeply with me. This motivated me to read the suttas of the Pali Canon and Mahayana tradition. I’ve also been very interested in the reading and studying of the Prajnaparamita Sutras and how they related to non-duality and impermanence.

I originally visited Show Me Dharma in 2018 as I was interested in studying the Suttas with other lay followers in the area. I consider Shantideva’s The Way of the Bodhisattva as a guidebook to practice and seek to live a life as a householder that is a benefit for all beings.

Cape Town, South Africa