Thank you for your interest in Show Me Dharma. This page describes what goes on here in our sangha.

SMD is a Welcoming Community
All people are welcome to attend, regardless of religious preference. Please drop in at any time to explore the benefits of these teachings and practices. The teachings are freely offered. Our activities are supported by voluntary donations.  For more about giving, please see our giving page: https://showmedharma.org/giving/ SHOW ME DHARMA is a tax-exempt charitable organization.

SHOW ME DHARMA (SMD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the study and practice of Insight Meditation available to Mid-Missouri. We support and encourage the development of community based upon Theravada Buddhist ideals, teachings and practices.

What is Insight Meditation?
Insight meditation, or vipassana, helps us to become more aware and accepting of our lives in each moment through the practices of non-judgmental awareness, kindness, and compassion. As we walk the way of awareness, we transform the forces that create suffering in us and in the world.

SHOW ME DHARMA carries out its mission through activities such as the following:

(1) Providing regular weekly sittings, classes and groups; non-residential and residential retreats; and workshops that provide instruction on insight meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and other mindfulness-related teachings and practices.

(2) Serving the SHOW ME DHARMA community and the community-at-large by organizing events and projects that educate and support through the use of engaged Buddhist practices at the individual and community level.

(3) Supporting the community with a library of books and audio/video recordings of Buddhist and related teachings.

(4) Providing training and support for the SHOW ME DHARMA teachers Council for the long-term benefit of the sangha (community).

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