Reminder for Thursday Committed Practice Class July 6-27

Dear Ones,

Just a few more weeks and we will be coming back together for Thursday Committed Practice summer class July 6-27. Class will begin at 7pm- 8:30 pm at ShowMe Dharma.

New class details will be forthcoming.

Linda Pluschke and Armine Alioto will be co-teaching this class. We will be exploring The Four Noble Truths. You are welcome to download the 40 pages of his short book for free.   by Ajahn Sumedho

What a joy it will be to dive into the foundational teachings of the Shakymuni Buddha. These teachings were profound insights that the Buddha realized after he “awakened”. The Four Noble Truths are the basis for our practice along this Buddhist path. It is more than just reading the words and memorizing the four truths. It is the cultivation of these four truths within our daily lives that brings clarity to the true Buddha Dharma.
We will focus on bringing these realizations to a clearer understanding and thus bringing us closer to experiencing true happiness.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves. With metta and compassion for all beings,
Linda and Armine


Cape Town, South Africa
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