COMMITTED PRACTICE GROUPS will have 4-week summer session

will have 4-week summer session–new members welcome
Monday Morning Group meets 8:00 am-9:30 am with Beth Shoyer and Joe McCormack. The theme for the class will be a continuation of The Brahmaviharas in Daily Life. The Monday morning group will begin in June.
For more information about the Monday Morning Group: Please Contact Joe McCormack at or Beth Shoyer at or call 573 864-5617 .
Thursday Evening Group meets 7:00 pm-8:30 pm with Armine Alioto and Linda Pluschke. This group will be studying The Four Noble Truths Within the Fullness of Everyday Life. The Thursday evening group will meet this summer from July 6-July 27.
For more information about the Thursday Evening Group: Please contact Armine Alioto at
The committed practice groups are an opportunity to bring the practice of insight meditation into all aspects of daily life. It is for those with several months’ experience with the practice of meditation. Participants register and commit to regular attendance of the meetings. The classes consists of a daily meditation practice, readings on a relevant dharma topic, and practice exercises designed to deepen mindfulness both in formal sitting meditation and in daily life.
Cape Town, South Africa
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