What are Retreats?

So, if you are thinking about what “retreating” means! Here is a brief description of this experience from one of our teachers from a vipassana retreat!:

“Oh let me count the ways…
The benefit of a “retreat” is having time with no outside commitments. A time just for you. Take a vacation from the phone, computer and all chatter. Peaceful, quiet, settling environment that eases and loosens the grip of everyday tensions. A vipassana retreat offers a time to allow the body and mind to relax. A compassionate unwinding. Nothing to do and no where to go. Just sit or walk in meditation contemplating the dharma. Give yourself permission to do the very ordinary thing of connecting with the present moment, whatever it is. Giving gratitude to yourself for doing cartwheels just to get to the retreat. Realizing that it is a precious moment, arising and passing. And, you can leave at any time the winds blow!  ~ Show Me Dharma Teacher”


Dates:  May 5, 6, and 7.
If you have already registered, you will receive a welcome letter few days before the Retreat.
Cape Town, South Africa
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