Tuesday Evening Meditation at 7:30 pm

Reflect on your day.  Can you stop right now in the midst of the fullness of life?  Breathe.  Pause. Can you taste the stillness within you, right now? What does that feel like? While walking, doing the dishes, at your desk, allow the mind to be held in awareness of not thinking.  Even for a brief moment, can you taste the freedom?  Can you sense a loosening of the grip of rushing forward to the next event, moment? What do you notice off the cushion? The coming and goings of all things?  Is there a resistance?

Meditation and Dharma Talk
Show Me Dharma offers drop in meditation sessions every Tuesday evening. All are welcome, even if you have never tried meditation before. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to meditate. No registration is required. We provide cushions and chairs. Each session offers meditation instruction, a 30-40 minute sit, dharma talk and discussion. These sessions are offered without charge. This service is support by dana (donations).

Cape Town, South Africa
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