Thursday Committed Practice Class begins Sept 8th

Thursday Committed Practice Class begins Sept 8th

Led by Terry Furstenau and Armine Alioto, Show Me Dharma Teachers Collective

Dates and Time: Thursday Evenings 7:00 pm-8:30 pm, Sept 8th to Dec 15th

Location: Show Me Dharma Center

Cost: Offered on a dana (donation) basis

Registration is now open for the Thursday Committed Practice class.

Participation in the Group includes:

  1. Attending the evening classes and participating in discussion at your descretion
  2. Maintaining a daily meditation practice
  3. Reading the assigned materials with daily re-read and reflection
  4. Meeting with one of the teachers periodically

The class will be reading “Stepping out of self-deception, the buddha’s liberating teaching of no-self”.


The committed practice groups require one of the following: either a) completion of the Introduction to Meditation Class and the Intermediate Meditation class; or b) three months of regular, preferably daily meditation practice, and a working knowledge of Buddhist concepts. It also implies the intention to practice daily, do the homework, and share your practice in class to the extent that you feel comfortable.

To register or get more information send an email to Armine at

Cape Town, South Africa
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