Insight Meditation Retreat Led By Joe McCormack November 6-8 in Columbia MO, Sponsored by Mid-America Dharma

Nothing Left Out: Integrating Wisdom and Compassion in Meditation Practice

A Non-Residential Insight Meditation Retreat

led by Joe McCormack

Sponsored by Mid-America Dharma: Offering Insight Meditation to the Heartland

Dates: November 6-8, 2015

Location: Show Me Dharma Center, 1600 West Broadway, Columbia, MO

Cost: This retreat is priced on a sliding scale, from $60 to $90 Anything paid over the minimum is tax deductible as a charitable donation to Mid America Dharma. A limited number of need-based scholarships are available on request. Please apply for a scholarship at least three weeks before the retreat and please register when applying, to assure we reserve a place for you. 

November Retreat 2015

About the Retreat: The Buddha’s teachings compare the practice of the Dharma to a bird in flight, needing two wings. These two wings are compassion and wisdom. If both wings are not available to us, our spiritual journey never truly launches. In this weekend retreat, we will work to bring an open-hearted and compassionate awareness to both the joyful and the challenging aspects of our experience, and as we do this, our innate wisdom begins to see with clarity the true nature of our lives. Seeing in this way, the habitual patterns of our conditioned minds begin to ease, and we experience the peace, freedom, and unconditional acceptance that are always there, waiting to be revealed. The retreat will consist of alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation, with practice instructions. There will be opportunities to explore the practical skills and challenges of insight meditation practice, through question and answer sessions, and through conferences with the retreat leader.

About the Teacher: Joe McCormack has practiced insight meditation since 1995. He has been a member of the Show Me Dharma Teachers Council since 2002. Joe also leads an insight meditation group in Jefferson City, and has taught insight meditation to prison inmates since 1998. His teachers include Ginny Morgan, Phil Jones, and Matthew Flickstein. In January 2008, he completed the Community Dharma Leader training program through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. In his Dharma instruction, Joe draws from traditional Theravada Buddhist teachings, Zen and Dzogchen practice, Advaita teachings and the Diamond Approach. He is also trained as a psychologist and practices psychotherapy.

For full information, to register &/or apply for financial aid, go to:

Please be mindful that registration fees are used to rent retreat facilities, reimburse teacher travel, room and board, and pay other administrative expenses. Teacher Compensation is strictly by donation (dana – generosity). Those who offer these precious teachings share them freely without charge. They depend on the generosity of those who receive the teachings for their livelihood. We encourage you to support the teachers and the continued sharing of these teachings through a financial contribution.

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