Mid-America Dharma Retreat Led by Shaila Catherine and Phillip Jones September 5-12 Kansas City, MO

Learn to balance mindfulness, concentration and investigation
in this unique, Insight meditation retreat.
Suitable for beginning and advanced practitioners.


Join seasoned teachers, Shaila Catherine and Philip Jones,
for Awakening with Insight in Kansas City, MO.

NEW Reduced Rates and Weekend-Only option

Full Retreat (8 days) – Residential
Sep 5-12, 2015
(sliding scale)
Reduced $585-684
Sustaining $685
Supporting $686-$1,030
Full Retreat (8 days) – Commuter
Sep 5-12, 2015
(sliding scale)
Reduced $240-339
Sustaining $340
Supporting $341-$510
Weekend Retreat (2.5 days) – Residential
Sep 5-7, 2015
(sliding scale)
Reduced  $250-$349
Sustaining $350
Supporting $351-$525
To qualify for the Reduced Fee range, no application process is necessary; simply register and choose this tier. Amounts paid above the Sustaining Fee are treated as tax-deductible donations and help us pay unmet retreat expenses and provide scholarships to those who otherwise would not be able to attend.
Scholarships Available
Scholarships provide financial assistance beyond the reduced fee. To apply, follow the instructions on the the registration page.
 Registration ends August 22, 2015.
Cape Town, South Africa
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