The Venerables Pannavati and Pannadipa are offering a Webinar series

The  Kammanna or “Fit for Action” Webinar series is designed to offer what other training programs do not: self-mastery and its impact on change.

Webinars are interactive, with core training, 2 break out sessions, handouts and practice assignment for the month with individual teacher feedback.

Series Of Events
Mindfulness for Engaged Buddhists – July 18th
Exploring what the Buddha called “practice”
Contemplation for Engaged Buddhists – Sept. 8th
Contemplation practice ultimately takes us off the pillow, out of our temples and into the world
The Power of One – Oct. 3rd
 Standing alone to be a catalyst for change not despising small beginnings or endings
Bearing Witness – Nov. 7th
Unless we can “show up” being willing to listen deeply – not thinking “we” know what “they” need, we are not present to help
Training in Joy and Pleasant Abiding – Dec. 2nd
A study and cultivation of practice that will help you avoid or overcome burn-out

To register for an upcoming event or the entire series please follow the instructions found at .

Cape Town, South Africa
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