Board meeting minutes–January 2015

The Board of Trustees met on 1/25/2015.

Minutes from 11/16/14 were approved.

Present: Valerie Bader, Helen Roehlke, Trisha Straub, Laura Schopp, Brick Johnstone, Joseph McCormick, Karen Hodges, Nishant Jain, Mellodie Wilson, Armine Alioto

Absent: Roger Still, Jan Colbert, Chris Fulcher,

Nishant Jain agreed to take minutes for this meeting.

Committees for the coming year: 
Existing Committees were reviewed, Val discussed the composition of various committees and checked with everyone how that was going.
These were the committees and associated members  and topics discussed at the Board meeting.
Program Committee: Joe, Terry
     -dates for Panavati retreat – 1012 April 2015
    – Kate Dresher has agreed to return
Nominating Committee: Helen, Jan, Roger, Melodie, Val
Finance and Facilities:
   –Co-ordinate space : Val,
   –Decor: Lynn, Karen, Val ,
   –Fundraising: Mel and Val
 Discussion about Decor 
        Joe suggested to specify a GO-TO person  for Décor
Discussion about Cleaning
        – SMD is cleaned by Steve every Friday from 9 – 10 am (paid every other Friday)
        – Need to inform him in advance if SMD facility is going to be occupied on Fridays, so arrangements can be made to clean on Saturday
         Year-end mailing by Melodie went very well. Many responses were received.
Communication: Chris, Nish, Val, Tricia, Joe . Melodie has refined and cleaned up the master email list prepared by Chris and Nish. This cleaned up list was used to send annual membership and donation mails. 15% mails were returned by post office. Nish showed a new direct link to Click and Pledge on the website.
Community Building: Brick agreed to be the GOTO person for membership support which are scenarios if someone in the SMD community was sick and would like some kind of support system Based on preferences of affected member. . Helen would like to be involved.
Brick and Helen agreed to be involved.
-Teachers Collective: 
New teacher ,Armine was welcomed and upcoming retreats were discussed
-Treasurer’s Report : 
-Retreat generated funds.
-Actual and Projected Numbers were presented by Melodie and discussed with Board.
-There was talk about putting some information about finances on website. Final decision ?
-Board approved the budget for the year 2015
Discussion about CDL and teacher development and training , funds agreed by board to be 1000$ per teacher.
– Sangha cleaning is part of Miscellaneous items in Melodies report
-New signs increased our marketing costs in 2014
– Donations:Amazon Smile was discussed by Laura

Goals for the coming year include:

  1. organizing minutes and policies/procedures so that these are easy to find;
  2. organizing and offering support to sangha members (thank you Brick);
  3. determine membership meaning and criteria;
  4. begin using a program for our e-mails that allows people to unsubscribe and tracks our e- mails better; and,
  5. decide how to organize the library materials (Karen Hodges will work with Anne Bettencourt).

Library: Anne Bettencourt and Karen Hodges will work on organizing the library. Nish suggested a sign out list, so that someone can contact the person with the book via e-mail after it’s been out for a while.  Val and Joe will try to remember to add a note in the next newsletter asking people to return books.

Treasurer’s report Addendum.

1. A budget for 2015 was approved unanimously.  Budget 2015   We have 14 people give monthly. We will continue to encourage generosity in classes and open sittings. We will also continue to suggest dana in the newsletter.

Membership Discussion– Time did not allow us to delve into this. This will be the focus of our next meeting.  Our next meeting is Sunday 3/15 from 4-6pm.  All are welcome!

These minutes were approved by e-mail on Tuesday, 3/17/15.