Board Meeting Notes: 7-13-14


BOARD MEETING NOTES (not official minutes)

7/13/14 (4-6 PM)

Present: Valerie Bader; Jan Colbert; Michelle Johnstone; Karen Hodges; Tricia Straub; Brick Johnson; Armine Alioto; Helen ; Joe McCormack

Members present: Nish Jain; Dee Dokken

  1. 1.       Previous minutes were approved.
  2. 2.       The proposed space policy was discussed. The guidelines for space use was also discussed.  Changes were suggested to those policies.  The policy with changes and guidelines with changes were passed unanimously.  Attached please find an edited version of the proposed policy and guidelines. Double click on the icon to open the attachments. When Jan Colbert prepares the official minutes, the final policy and guidelines will be made available. Sangha Space Guidelines – mw 6.25.14 Space Use Policy – mw 6.25.14
  3. 3.       Teacher guidelines policy was discussed. Teachers used consensus building to agree on these guidelines.  The teacher guidelines and appendices one and two were approved unanimously. The guidelines are attachedSMD Teacher Guidelines April2014
    1. a.       We need to look through our by-laws and be sure we don’t need to change those in order to be in line with this policy.  Suggested changes to the by-laws are attached.  Article 4 by-laws revisions Lynn Rossy and I developed these earlier this spring. This document has been approved by the teacher’s collective. 
    2. b.      The board requests the teachers develop a policy on how they will find and approve new teachers.
  4. 4.       The treasurer’s report was reviewed. Discussion ensued regarding how important it is to meet monthly expenses through dana. We do not want to slowly use our reserves; we prefer to save that for a larger goal that will serve the community.
    1. a.       The board requests a month to month spreadsheet of income and expenses.
    2. b.      The board requests information on whether donors are giving cash or using click-n-pledge.
    3. c.       We will include in the monthly newsletter a statement on dana, and the ability to access click-n-pledge in the newsletter.  Val Bader will add this to the newsletter.
    4. d.      Tricia will obtain a bulletin board—we’ll have a statement about dana on the bulletin board. 
    5. e.      Nish will send a request for dana once per month through social media.
  5. 5.       Suggested content for the new website
    1. a.       Mission statement
    2. b.      Calendar link
    3. c.       Page for  by-laws; policies; guidelines
    4. d.      Page listing teachers, training; and contact info.
    5. e.      Page listing board members, term of office
    6. f.        Place for announcements—four seems to be plenty
    7. g.       A page for classes, committed practice classes, and open sittings
    8. h.      A page welcoming newcomers—“If you’re new to SMD…”
    9. i.         Dana page
    10. j.        Upcoming retreat page; link to retreat etiquette; registration; and dana for the retreat.
  6. 6.       At our next board meeting, we will discuss membership.  We will define members, perhaps consider different categories of membership, and discuss how to welcome new people.  Finally, we will discuss how membership intersects with dana, and developing a vision for our future.  Nish sent this document from the membership committee’s work.   Notes from last Communications Committee Meeting 
  7. 7.       The next board meeting will be held Sunday, September 14th from 4-6 pm.

I truly appreciate everyone’s efforts at our board meetings.  Thank you all for spending your time helping to run the sangha!  If there is inadequate detail in this document, or something that looks just plain wrong, please let me know.

Valerie Bader